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The Bird Clock was traded for a lovely Watch from Past Times.


The watch was bought as a spare gift for £20 and has never been used. It is silver and works perfectly.

Anyone who would like this watch can get in contact to offer something to trade for it.

A trade can be anything from an unwanted item you have to a hand made craft or service (haircut, a manicure or a cake or something)

New Trade: Bird Clock

The Wood Sign has been traded with Julie for a Wall Clock that has the sound of a bird at every hour.

A perfect gift for any birdwatcher.


This clock is battery powered (included) and makes a different bird song every hour (12 bird songs all indigenous to the British Isles), there is also a silent night mode and the clock is 20 cm in diameter

(The birds are: Tawny Owl, Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Great Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Song Thrush, Barn Owl, Wren, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Nightingale, Robin)

If you would like the clock please get in touch with something you would like to trade for it or for more information.

Also, thank you to Sasha for spreading the word over at Phoenix Rising.

Trade Three: Wood Sign with Quote

The Handmade bookmark has been snapped up, and we now have a new item up for trade.

Katie has taken the bookmark and offered a wood sign with a quote of your choice, made by Louise Wing from  in Gosport.

lous plaques 2


Get in touch with the thing you would like to trade and once an offer has been accepted we will have a plaque with any quote of your choosing  made and sent off to you.

Trade Two

Trade two has been made.

Ri from ‘Foggy Creations’ over at has traded a handmade bookmark for the bird ring.

green sealife bookmark purple sealife bookmark

The beads on the bookmark can be the colour of your choosing (from: blue, purple, green or pink).

If you would like this bookmark then please get in contact using the Contact Me page with what you would like to trade.

Trade One

The first trade has been made.

One Blue Ribbon for a Bird Ring from Natalie.

Who would like to trade something for the bird ring?


The ring is metal, and has a bird perched on top. It’s thin and can be used as part of a stack of rings or by itself. If you would like this ring please get in touch using the Contact page and tell us what you would like to trade for it.

(Examples to get you thinking might be: a pen, a small ornament, pack of cards or a small notebook.  Anything you like)

A Blue Ribbon: The Start

I have a blue ribbon. It is an awareness ribbon for the terrible, debilitating condition ME.

I want it to raise money to help fund research into this neurological illness and I want it to raise awareness along the way.

So, i’m going to trade you. One blue awareness ribbon that I have, for something you have that’s worth just a little bit more.

Who wants to start?

Trades can be anything from objects to handmade crafts to an offer of services. (see About section for examples)

Use the contact page to trade.

See the About section for more information.

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